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Fundamentals of Nursing 8th Edition by Carol Taylor PhD MSN RN, Carol Lillis – 

Test Bank





Chapter 1, Introduction to Nursing

1. An oncology nurse with 15 years of experience, certification in the area of oncology nursing, and a master’s degree is considered to be an expert in her area of practice and works on an oncology unit in a large teaching hospital. Based upon this description, which of the following career roles best describes this nurse’s role, taking into account her qualifications and experience?
A) Clinical nurse specialist
B) Nurse entrepreneur
C) Nurse practitioner
D) Nurse educator


2. What guidelines do nurses follow to identify the patient’s health care needs and strengths, to establish and carry out a plan of care to meet those needs, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan to meet established outcomes?
A) Nursing process
B) ANA Standards of Professional Performance
C) Evidence-based practice guidelines
D) Nurse Practice Acts


3. Which of the following organizations is the best source of information when a nurse wishes to determine whether an action is within the scope of nursing practice?
A) American Nurses Association (ANA)
B) American Association of Colleges in Nursing (AACN)
C) National League for Nursing (NLN)
D) International Council of Nurses (ICN)


4. Who is considered to be the founder of professional nursing?
A) Dorothea Dix
B) Lillian Wald
C) Florence Nightingale
D) Clara Barton


5. Which of the following nursing pioneers established the Red Cross in the United States in 1882?
A) Florence Nightingale
B) Clara Barton
C) Dorothea Dix
D) Jane Addams


6. A nurse practitioner is caring for a couple who are the parents of an infant diagnosed with Down Syndrome. The nurse makes referrals for a parent support group for the family. This is an example of which nursing role?
A) Teacher/Educator
B) Leader
C) Counselor
D) Collaborator


7. A nurse is providing nursing care in a neighborhood clinic to single, pregnant teens. Which of the following actions is the best example of using the counselor role as a nurse?
A) Discussing the legal aspects of adoption for teens wishing to place their infants with a family
B) Searching the Internet for information on child care for the teens who wish to return to school
C) Conducting a client interview and documenting the information on the client’s chart
D) Referring a teen who admits having suicidal thoughts to a mental health care specialist


8. A nurse instructor explains the concept of health to her students. Which of the following statements accurately describes this state of being?
A) Health is a state of optimal functioning.
B) Health is an absence of illness.
C) Health is always an objective state.
D) Health is not determined by the patient.


9. A nurse incorporates the health promotion guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Health document: Healthy People 2010. Which of the following is a health indicator discussed in this document?
A) Cancer
B) Obesity
C) Diabetes
D) Hypertension


10. Which of the following is a criteria that defines nursing as profession?
A) an undefined body of knowledge
B) a dependence on the medical profession
C) an ability to diagnose medical problems
D) a strong service orientation


11. After graduation from an accredited program in nursing and successfully passing the NCLEX, what gives the nurse a legal right to practice?
A) Enrolling in an advanced degree program
B) Filing NCLEX results in the county of residence
C) Being licensed by the State Board of Nursing
D) Having a signed letter confirming graduation


12. A health care facility determined that a nurse employed on a medical unit was documenting care that was not being given, and subsequently reported the action to the State Board of Nursing. How might this affect the nurse’s license to practice nursing?
A) It will have no effect on the ability to practice nursing.
B) The nurse can practice nursing at a less-skilled level.
C) The nurse’s license may be revoked or suspended.
D) The nurse’s license will permanently carry a felony conviction.


13. While providing care to the diabetic patient the nurse determines that the patient has a knowledge deficit regarding insulin administration. This nursing action is described in which phase of the nursing process?
A) evaluation
B) implementation
C) planning
D) nursing diagnosis


14. A nurse is caring for a client who is a chronic alcoholic. The nurse educates the client about the harmful effects of alcohol and educates the family on how to cope with the client and his alcohol addiction. Which of the following skills is the nurse using?
A) Caring
B) Comforting
C) Counseling
D) Assessment


15. A nurse is caring for a client with quadriplegia who is fully conscious and able to communicate. What skills of the nurse would be the most important for this client?
A) Comforting
B) Assessment
C) Counseling
D) Caring


16. A nurse is assigned the care of a client who has been admitted to the health care facility with high fever. Which nursing skill should be put into practice at the first contact with the client?
A) Assessment
B) Caring
C) Comforting
D) Counseling


17. A nurse is caring for a client with a hernia. Which of the following statements should the nurse use while counseling the client about his condition?
A) “Open hernioplasty is the best surgery for you.”
B) “Open and laparoscopic hernioplasty are available.”
C) “You are not a suitable candidate for hernioplasty.”
D) “I had a bad experience when I underwent hernioplasty.”


18. A registered nurse assigns the task of tracheostomy suctioning of a client to the LPN. The LPN informs the nurse that she has never done the procedure practically on a client. What should be the most appropriate response from the registered nurse?
A) “You are through with your theory class, so you should know.”
B) “Take the help of the nurse who knows to perform the procedure.”
C) “Take the help of the procedure manual and act accordingly.”
D) “I will help you in performing the procedure on the client.”


19. A nurse at a health care facility provides information, assistance, and encouragement to clients during the various phases of nursing care. In which of the following activities does the nurse use counseling skills?
A) Educating a group of young girls about AIDS
B) Telling a client to localize the pain in his abdomen
C) Encouraging a client to walk without support
D) Assisting a lactating mother in feeding her child


20. A student wants to join a nursing program that provides flexibility in working at both staff and managerial positions. Which nursing program should the nurse suggest for this student?
A) Hospital-based diplomas
B) Baccalaureate nursing programs
C) Associate degree programs
D) Continuing nursing programs