Your satisfaction is very primacy at ebookas.

If you do not receive the item you have purchased or you do not receive complete files, we’ll straightaway refund.

Our items are Digital Files so we do not offer any refund if you have downloaded the file.
Please make sure you are choosing the correct item. If you purchase any item that was not what you required at first place, we will not offer refund for that.

If the file you have purchased from us is lacking the particular chapter you require, or it is incomplete. If we find out that the problem is on our end, we’ll either try to resend you that file in email or refund the purchase with pleasure.

Here are the cases in which we’ll not refund.

If you find out later the test bank you have purchased is not what you “wanted”. Ebookas will not refund in this case.

If you purchase the wrong edition.

If you misunderstood that you are purchasing a textbook.

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